Animal licking salt

Animal Licking Salt

Himalayan salt licks have many benefits for animals. These licking salts provide 84 precious minerals like sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc to animals. Animals in nutrients-poor ecosystems can obtain minerals from Himalayan salt licks. Himalayan salt licks help improving the health and life of animals with an affordable nutrition solution.

The nutrients and minerals in salt are needed at higher levels to improve the ability of animals’ immune system to cope with infection. Sodium, chloride, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium already have been shown to be helpful in this regard. When horses suffer from salt deficiency, they will lick or chew on mangers, fences, dirt, rocks and other objects. They also develop depraved cravings, rough hair coat and reduced growth and the mares experience reduced milk production, according to reports from the Mississippi Station. The sodium chloride deficiency in horses’ low salt intake results in considerable sweating and they become fatigued and exhausted. Horses that sweat profusely can lose as much as 82.5 grams of sodium per day. So, level of activity and degree of heat stress has a greater effect on salt requirement in horses than any other farm animal species. The salt intake is very necessary for animals and their salt needs varies considerably, depending on a horse’s level of work, riding or heat stress. Because sweat contains about 0.7% salt, the more a horse exercises, the more salt is lost via sweat and the more the salt is needed in its diet.

We deliver animal licking salt in different types like Himalayan lick salt in cube shape and in Himalayan salt lumps. We provide Himalayan salt licks for horses, sheep, cows and pets. These salt licks are with a central hole and a rope.


  • Improve the ability of animals’ immune system.
  • Help in better growth.
  • Provide high disease resistance.




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