SARK INTERNATIONAL is very well known in “Plastic Waste Recycling industry” in Pakistan. We are professional processor, manufacturers and exporters of PET BOTTLE FLAKES located in big industrial city Faisalabad, Pakistan. We are in the business of plastic recycling industry for last seven years and now we have modern automation machineries.  As a result of our continuous development of technique and rigid quality control, we are producing pet flakes more than 800 MT / Month having powerful reputation with competitive price and high quality supplying to many buyers (Polyester Staple Fibre & PET Strapping producers ) in China, Hong Kong & Vietnam, Taiwan, Turkey, India. Since from start of our business, we believe in the fair, honest, and long term business  relationship with our valuable buyers.

The PET BOTTLE FLAKES are made from bottles of mineral water and soft drinks. We carefully separate all the PVC bottle from PET BOTTLES before crushing them and take the highest care in removing contaminations. The PET material is packed in PP bags in quantities of 25-30 kg bag.

We offer the following PET BOTTLE FLAKES PRODUCTS.

  1. Hot washed pet bottle flakes
  2. Cold washed pet bottle flakes

The PET FLAKES are produced in the following colors.



White PET Bottle Flakes Blue PET Bottle Flakes Green PET Bottle Flakes
Product Name PET Bottle Flakes PET Bottle Flakes PET Bottle Flakes
Production capacity 400 M/ Tons per month 100 M/ Tons per month 300 M/ Tons per month
Flake Size 10mm-16mm 10mm-16mm 10mm-16mm
PVC Content < 300 ppm or 0.03% < 300 ppm or 0.03% < 300 ppm or 0.03%
Total Impurity < 1% < 1% < 1%
Melting Point 240°C – 265°C 240°C – 265°C 240°C – 265°C
Moisture For cold Washed < 1 % For cold Washed < 1 % For cold Washed < 1 %
Moisture For hot Washed < 1 % For hot Washed < 1 % For hot Washed < 1 %

Our Factory

The SARK International factory was established years back to produce PET MATERIAL in multifarious ways. Now it is equipped with modern plant with crushing, washing and drying system to meet the quality values of the international standards.

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