Salt Bricks & Tiles

Salt Bricks & Tiles

The Himalayan Salt Tiles are also prepared from the natural Himalayan Salt. We are supplying all ranges of Salt Blocks and Salt Tiles to our customers across the globe at competitive prices and with the best quality.

New products by utilizing Himalayan Salt are coming up, as more users, designers, architects and restaurateurs are becoming aware of benefits, beauty, and applications of the natural salt.

You can use the beautiful Himalayan Salt Bricks to create spectacular architectural features in your living and work places. Some of our customers have used Himalayan Salt to build a luminescent altar, or as flooring in Himalayan Salt caves. Upscale restaurants have built unique appealing bars and backdrops, while butchers are beginning to utilize salt bricks for lining meat-aging cellars.

The Himalayan salt bricks are used for decoration of walls, salt cave and spa material. We have high quality Himalayan crystal salt tiles with light pink and pale orange color. We have different salt bricks in different sizes.

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