Traditional Linen Products

We offer a wide range of Bath, Hand and Face towels produced in various weights and sizes. Our open-end towels are absorbent, long-lasting and affordable in price. Our soft, thick and thirsty ring spun towels ensure additional comfort and exciting results. We use fine cotton and polyester blended in a perfect harmony.

Customized Linen Products

Our industrial linen products customized to customers of different tastes offer profitable solutions to industries which have concerns for waste and turnover. Our reusable Shop towels and Terry Bar Wipes have extended efficacy and pledge competitive edge in the current business environment. We assure cost-effective consumption of cleaning supplies without compromising the environment. You’ll have safe and efficient ways to enhance productivity, while deploying SARK in your industry. You will be able to marginalize waste and achieve a clean environment.

Home Textiles

You can turn your bathroom into luxurious getaways with our exquisite bath ensembles like ring spun Bath, Hand, Face Towels, matching bath sheet, bath mats and bath robes. Using emerging market trends, the SARK INTERNATIONAL has been able to grow unprecedentedly comparable in the market.
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